We work with charities of all sizes, helping them get the most from their finances and operations.

Why Work with us?

With our charity backgrounds, the thing we care about most is impact. We believe that if we can help a charity get going, or transform those back office functions, or take the reigns on processes that the charity is concerned about, then they can focus more on what’s really important – helping the people they are there to help. Which in turn will mean that charity has a bigger impact, and can help more people. So that’s what we aim for – getting that impact. At the end of the day, that’s how we can help make the world a better place.

How we work

Our team is based around the country and we work completely remotely. This give us the ability to work with flexibly with charities around the world. And with no project travel and paperless working as standard, our default style minimises our environmental impact.

Our Ethics

We are not in this for the money. We work ethically, pricing to what a charity can afford, not what we think we can get out of them. We will always put people first, ensuring they are looked after. And we will always be looking for the best impact we can have.

This works inside our organisation too. We look after our team. We don’t just allow flexible working, we assume it. And we are there to help support, whatever happens in life.

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