Below are some of our Services.

From starting up a charity’s operations, to transforming a team. From setting up bank accounts to outsourcing finance and payroll. From annual accounts to independent examinations. We can help. 

Finance Consultancy

At Stuart Davis Consulting, we empower your charity with comprehensive governance and risk management solutions. From navigating registration with the Charities Commission to implementing the Good Governance Code and managing risk assessments, our expert team ensures your charity's compliance and success. We handle all aspects of governance, including drafting essential policies and procedures, and offer tailored support in board development, trustee training, and internal control efficacy. Trust us to streamline your governance processes, allowing you to focus on your mission with peace of mind.

Company Secretarial Duties

Based on our experience, charities often hire the CEO and other senior managers. They do this before bringing on any administration staff. This can mean that senior staff get caught up in everyday administration duties. These tasks are integral to the charity's success but are below their pay grade. Administration tasks prevent senior staff from ensuring that funding and other financial necessities are set in motion. These steps are integral to the charity's overall success.  

Statutory Accounts

We can help you prepare for your charities annual statutory audit in many ways. We can make sure you ready for your audit or act as a conduit between your team and your auditors. This will free you and your team up to concentrate on the more forward-facing tasks that matter to you.


At Stuart Davis Consulting we can either set up your payroll from scratch or transition from the finance department or another external provider. We are charity experts. We can run your payroll from either your finance system or set up a new payroll system on the most suitable accounting software for your charity. Your payroll will be completely secure. Only qualified experienced staff will have access.


Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third party outside the company to perform services that traditionally have been performed in-house by the company's own employees. Stuart Davis Consulting can provide you with all aspects of outsourced finance. We can support you with the either the full finance team or any aspect of it or any combination that fits your needs.

Management Accounts

At Stuart Davis Consulting we are charity finance experts. We can help provide you with management accounts on a timely basis. This will help you spend your time on what matters most to you – your beneficiaries.  

Our Process

No two charities are the same. There are common threads that run through different projects, but each charity has its own mission, its own impact that its striving for, and its own circumstances. Which means that everything we do has to be tailored to what that charity needs. Otherwise we simply won’t deliver for them. So we take all of that into account. Because we have such diverse skills in the team, we can bring people in and out of a project as necessary. And we’re flexible. Needs change over time. What we thought might be needed a couple of months ago might not be what’s needed now. So we make sure we can change with those needs.

Care International UK

CARE fights poverty and social injustice in the world’s most vulnerable places. Founded in 1985, CARE International UK is one of 16 full members of the global CARE International confederation. It supports the work of the confederation. This is done through a programme of support and expertise. It also involves fundraising, global policy, and advocacy work. They do this by working in partnership with local organisations. It delivers humanitarian and development assistance to anyone in need, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, political view, or sexual orientation.

Clean Air Fund (CAF)

Clean Air Fund works with various organisations globally. The goal is to create a future where everyone breathes clean air. They fund and partner with companies that promote air quality data. They also actively encourage public demand for clean air. 

The Degrees Initiative (DI)

The DEGREES Initiative is an NGO focused on ensuring the Global South is at the centre of conversations around Solar Radiation Modification (SRM). It is a proposal to reduce some climate change impacts. 

Engineers Without Boarders International (EWBI)

The Engineers Without Borders International (EWBI) movement is a community of engineers that believes they can be doing more to address global inequity and injustice. They have been working for over 40 years to contribute to communities in need – in their own countries and beyond their own borders. Engineers Without Borders organisations across the globe are working to deliver this just and sustainable future for all through four key areas of activity: 

Global’s Make Some Noise (MSN)

Global’s Make Some Noise supports small charities across the UK. It awards grants, helps the charities public profile., and offers support. This enables the charities to continue on their charitable mission. Every year, Global runs the Make Some Noise campaign across its radio platforms. With the help of celebrities, the campaign raises millions for small charities.  

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