Clean Air Fund (CAF)


Clean Air Fund (CAF) 

Client Description 

Clean Air Fund (CAF) is a global philanthropic organisation working with governments, funders, businesses, and campaigners to create a future where everyone breathes clean air.

CAF funds and partner with organisations that promote air quality data, build public demand for clean air and drive policy change. They influence and support decision makers to act on air pollution. They also amplify the clean air movement’s impact by connecting people, increasing resources to the field, and sharing evidence of what works.


CAF conducts due diligence checks on grantees to decide who should receive funding. They had too many due diligence checks to carry out in a timely manner due to not having enough staff. 


Stuart Davis Consulting, with its years of experience of carrying out due diligence on grantees, provides the needed support to our clients like CAF.  These checks allowed our clients to determine the suitability of the potential recipients for their grants, while considering the associated risks with the grantees and projects they want to fund.   With Stuart Davis Consulting having several staff with finance and project management experience, they were able to provide resource and capacity to CAF’s compliance team in the busy period of their reporting cycle. 


Stuart Davis Consulting have successfully supported CAF on many individual grantee projects, and we now have an ongoing arrangement with CAF to continue providing them the service on a rolling basis.

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