Engineers Without Boarders International (EWBI)


Engineers Without Borders International (EWBI) 

Client description 

Engineers Without Borders International supports Engineers Without Borders organisations
across the world that believe we can do more to address global inequality and injustice through

Today Engineers Without Borders’ global presence reaches all major global regions; Africa, Asia,
the Pacific, Middle East, Europe, North, South and Central America, leveraging engineering as a
critical enabler of change that allows the planet, including all people and living things, to thrive.

The activities of the global Engineers Without Borders network cover the following areas of work:
– Delivering critical infrastructure to communities in need;
– Supporting people in crisis;
– Inspiring, building and shaping a future fit engineering community;
– Nurturing future fit engineering solutions.


Engineers Without Borders International needed flexible financial support to run their
international operations. They needed it to be separate from member countries.


Stuart Davis Consulting provides finance support for all of Engineers Without Borders
International’s needs. This included transactional processing, international payments, and
practical finance advice. Stuart Davis Consulting also handles monthly financial reporting, budget
setting, and statutory finance compliance.


Engineers Without Borders International has a flexible resource to meet all of its financial needs

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