Global’s Make Some Noise (MSN)


Global’s Make Some Noise (MSN)

Client Description 

Global’s Make Some Noise is an established and reputable grant maker, successfully funding small and local projects in the UK for the past 10 years. Since 2014, Make Some Noise has awarded over £20 million in grant funding to 440+ community projects, reaching over 200,000 people facing some of society’s biggest challenges.

Global’s Make Some Noise boost the sustainability of small charities by providing 3 types of support: 

  • Long-term, significant funding 
  • Awareness-raising through our annual Make Some Noise radio and digital appeal
  • Training and development programme, upskilling staff and building capacity. 

They support causes working to provide shelter and safety, reduce isolation and loneliness, improve physical and mental health and develop life skills for people in their local community


Global’s Make Some Noise faces a considerable challenge in managing the influx of funding
applications from small charities, averaging around 800 annually. Through the application of
diligent assessment procedures, only approximately 40 charities are selected for funding. Each
application requires a thorough financial risk due diligence assessment within a tight timeframe,
with no possibility of extension. – Funders often perceive many small charities as higher risk, due
to often being a newly established organisation, often operating only a few years.


Utilising the expertise of the SDC team, comprised mainly of professionals with backgrounds in
finance and project management, we streamline the due diligence (DD) process. When Global’s
Make Some Noise’s (GMSN) DD is imminent, the entire team mobilizes to ensure timely
completion. Project management strategies are employed to facilitate on-time delivery. GMSN

provides the necessary documentation for the DD process, which is meticulously reviewed by
SDC staff to determine grant eligibility.
During DD assessments, MSN identifies charities that could benefit from mentoring. If these
charities express interest, GMSN facilitates an introduction. Subsequently, we collaborate with the
charity to identify areas of higher risk and develop strategies to mitigate them. Our approach is
tailored to the unique needs and constraints of each charity, providing personalised guidance and
support to navigate challenges effectively.


Over the past three years, SDC has conducted nearly 200 assessments for GMSN DD process,
prioritizing tasks to meet stringent deadlines. This streamlined approach has enabled the
selection of numerous charities nationwide to receive grants. Furthermore, our mentoring efforts
have equipped several charities with financial, operational, and governance advice, empowering
them to secure grants not only from GMSN but also from other prominent funders.


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